Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This Song Is Driving Me Crazy

I wrote a song. You know, for the story I'm working on. Initially it was just supposed to be something to open up the story, a replacement for a short set of verses I originally used, which were apparently too sad for the beginning. Except this song popped into my head with actual music, instead of just lyrics, and from there proceeded to drive me nuts.

First, I had to record it on youtube. It held me hostage until I did that, going over and over again in my head until I finally gave up. The video and sound quality wound up being terrible - a side effect of using a budget laptop's built in microphone and webcam. It bothered me that the quality was so bad.

Then last night, I went, okay, fine, and re-recorded it, this time using youtube's capture app for the iPhone, which did a shockingly good job. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. A phone's microphone had better be good, especially one as expensive as the iPhone.

So if you have any interest at all in hearing the song, here it is:

"My winter lady scolds, she scolds
and sends me to my bed
but the sun is high and calling me
roads are waiting to be tread!

Will you come and dance with me,
merry lady, in the snow?
Will you wear an icy crown and laugh
as the wind growls deep and low?

Oh, we'll dare our dear Courine
to send her cold white powder
and try to keep us trapped inside -
we'll only sing the louder!

Dance with me, dance with me
our love will keep us warm.
Sing with me, sing with me
our love will keep us from harm."

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