Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Magnanimous Mr. Voodoo-Man

As a gift to celebrate me getting a new job, my extremely awesome uncle sent me the most amazing gift in the history of mankind. 

An iguana statuette. Not just any iguana statuette, either. This iguana statuette:

His name is Mr. Voodoo-Man and he's awesome. I decided that I would be his Voice, since ceramic larynxes probably don't work very well. He will be a wise and magnanimous overlord! All shall bow to him! 

I can't stop giggling at how epic he is, seriously. I've been toting him around for hours and making ringing proclamations for him.

I think my parents are getting tired of hearing, "Mr. Voodoo-Man approves of this French Toast." and "Mr. Voodoo-Man desires more tea." 

But Mr. Voodoo-Man doesn't care. He's too awesome to be bothered by such criticism. 

PS: I'm getting him a cape. And a top hat. Hah.

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