Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Am Mature Girlfriend

Warning. Safe for work, sort of, but maybe too weird for work. So I'm hanging out with Shane, the Boyfriend, when we start having the strangest debate with his roommate Rowan. I don't even remember how this got started. 

Rock vaginas. That's what this debate was about. Rock. Vaginas. 

Sort of. It was a Pokemon thing. Rowan thinks geodude reproduces through Technology, I think that with geodude and rock Pokemon only, they reproduce by budding, and Shane thinks geodudes must have rocky vaginas and penises. 

Then we had a miniature debate about how rocky vaginas must be all rough and scrape-y, which is so not true because polished stones, Shane. 

Somehow this turned into marinating steaks in kangaroo milk, which is oozed out of the skin because marsupials are neat like that, and I don't even know anymore. 

We have the weirdest conversations sometimes. I think that might be why we work as a couple. Because he's not afraid of rock vaginas. 

Smile for the camera, Shane. :p 

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