Saturday, May 18, 2013

I've Joined the Mindless Masses

So I may have gotten a Twitter account (Look me up, I'm SarahEArmor) even though I have no idea how to use Twitter and it will probably languish. This gave me the opportunity to follow the world's most amazing people, like Amanda Palmer, the Bloggess, Allie Brosh, Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, and the Doctor. Shut up. It's totally the real Docter. He has a Twitter. I firmly believe it.

This lead to the odd realization that I have an actual list of people who are so epic that if they were aware that I existed, I would totally have a month-long fangasm. Seriously. How neat would it be if Felicia Day said hi to me?

I totally lost my mind one time a year or so ago and wrote fan letters to Amy Lee, Tamora Pierce, and for some reason, Kate Constable. Don't get me wrong, Kate Constable is a good author. She just didn't help to shape who I am the way Amy Lee and Tamora Pierce did. Sadly, I got form letter back from Tamora Pierce and Amy Lee (which is more than I expected anyway) but Kate Constable did actually reply. No, seriously. She's actually legitimately awesome.

I mean, this awesome author actually took the time to write a real, several-paragraphs letter in response to some girl who was sad that her books weren't available as ebooks in the USA. See, this is why I love authors.

Okay, tangent, much. So anyway, I got a Twitter account, and now I'm stalking epic people (and also my brother, who apparently uses the word "breh" all the time, even though it's not a real word, James. Breh is a misspelling of what a donkey does.) like Wil Wheaton, the totally epic, ridiculously sexy actor who plays the very douchey Fawkes on the Guild. Which you should be watching.

So yeah. I should probably be alarmed by the fact that I have an actual list, but I sincerely doubt I'll ever actually talk to any of them. So....

XD I'll settle for stalking them on Twitter.

PS: Yes, I do have an actual list:

Felicia Day
Tamora Pierce
Mercedes Lackey
JK Rowling
Wil Wheaton
Neil Patrick Harris
Allie Brosh
Jenny Lawson
Amanda Palmer
Amy Lee

I should probably be ashamed of myself now.

PPS: In case you don't know who Amanda Palmer is, she's an extraordinary musician and an even more extraordinary woman who gives away her music. Bloggess linked one of her songs, and I listened to it and fell in love with it. The album the song is in is titled very appropriately, "Music To Change the World." The first time I heard it, I was all, "Huh, this sounds like the lead singer from the Dresden Dolls" because I'd been listening to Coin Operated Boy, and then I found out oh my gosh, that IS the singer from the Dresden Dolls. Epic.


  1. Felicia Day hugged me last year at Dragon*Con.

    Just putting that out there.

    1. Did she *seriously*?!?! Oh my gosh, I would have died in the best way possible.