Friday, May 24, 2013

Memories and Tea

Normally, my posts are pretty silly. I suppose it's to make up for the scant silliness my work affords me. After all, at THS I had the health of over a thousand students to worry about - though truthfully, probably half the students I saw came from a pool of maybe a hundred regulars. Today, I just don't have a lot of silliness in me. I guess I'm still pretty shell-shocked. 

Wednesday was my last day of work for the health department. School's out for summer, so they won't need me until August, if I'm still in Titusville, and truthfully, as much as I love my job, I don't think that I could stand not working for so long. 

So yesterday, after pre-employment testing that I sincerely hope will end in employment, because this would be a great place to work, I spent all day with my boyfriend, Shane, watching Doctor Who (he hadn't even seen all of the Eccleston episodes until yesterday, guys! I'm not sure this is going to work. :p) and hanging out, drinking his roommate's tea.

His roommate has some really extraordinary tea. 

Today he had to work, though, so I went home and I've basically been wandering around my apartment confused. What do I even do with myself without my clinic? How does that even work?

And I miss my kids. I miss simple things like bringing water and replacing ice packs for students with high fevers waiting to be picked up, and more complicated things like seizure care - which was needed surprisingly often, by the way, usually by one student. I miss the administrators, my one student who always comes in for ice because I can't prove she's coming in just to see me but she really needs to only do that during lunch, Eve-gwen. I miss my daily meds kids, the student resource officer, the library assistant. 

Aww, hell. This is day two. 

Fortunately, I've discovered something beautiful, which is really helping to keep my stress levels down, and is delicious besides - good, Teavana tea. 

Right now I'm drinking Phoenix Dragon Jasmine Pearls, which is a fairly bitter green tea with a nice floral overtone, probably from the Jasmine. Before that it was a blend of Samurai Chai Mate and Majaraja Chai Oolong. Mmmm. Amazing. 

I might have a problem, guys. 

PS: all of the teas in my cabinet are good, but you would do well to be cautious before trying matcha. I love it. It has a rich, briny (what does it say about me that autocorrect changed that to 'brony'? No, don't answer that) flavor and is very, very strong. See if you can get a sample before trying it, because Justine's face after drinking some suggests that my loving it might be one more way I'm a 'freak of nature,' as she lovingly puts it. 

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