Friday, June 21, 2013

Beds Are the Most Amazing Inventions Ever

I'm lying in a bed. An actual bed. My actual bed. See? Here's proof:

Okay, so it's not really proof, but it's the closest I can get without getting out of said absolutely amazing bed, and frankly, I'm not convinced that's happening at all this month. I love my bed. 

You just don't fully appreciate how wonderful a bed is until you spend a week alternating between sleeping on a loveseat and sleeping in an easy chair, always in temperatures about 75 degrees, which is probably fine for everyone else, but is misery for me. I'm so sorry. I will never take you for granted again.*

The week sleeping in either my parents' easy chair or my boyfriend's loveseat, mind out of the gutter, you!, is the latest stage of job-seeking stuff, between interviews and the orientation at  PSA, where I wasn't actually 100% sure I was hired until yesterday. 

Except actually, I am. Yay! That could be awkward if any of the places I interviewed at actually call me back. I'm staying, though. Leave a full time pediatric nursing job with hours flexible enough to allow me to go back to school and a wonderful, supportive supervisory staff, not to mention amazing learning opportunities? Hah. Not hardly. It would take my Dream Job to pry me away and since I didn't actually apply for my Dream Job, I think it's a safe bet that's not happening. Yet. Someday. 

Seriously, though, this company will teach you anything you can learn as an LPN. Hundreds of free Continuing Education classes, and they'll brush me up on trach care if I want, which I do. Speaking of things you don't appreciate till they're gone, I'm so sorry, High School. 

So I am super excited to meet my patient Tuesday. Until then... Squee! I have my bed back, my cat is still super affectionate from missing me - more than usual, which is both adorable and slightly terrifying - and life is good. 

PS - and because you apparently don't tempt fate that way without reprisal, Sarah, I rolled over flat on my back and ow! Owwie. Apparently my sleeping arrangements and stress level have made my back tense up that badly. Ow. 

... Not retracting my statement, though. 

* I apologize in advance for any lies I may have just finished telling. 

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